Masterclass Summary:

In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan grabs a video he made for smrtPhone to show you how you can best prepare your Podio data and get it ready to create a campaign in smrtDialer.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to filter the data in your cold calling app down to what you want
  • How to create a Podio View for smrtDialer


The next step in this process is to think about how you want to segment the data in your cold calling list. So that you can better create create campaigns and smrtDialer. So there are two basic ways of creating campaigns and segment segmenting data in a smart dialer, list, one is by using a single category field, and a single category field option. And one is by a view, the two are linked, but I would say the view is the most powerful. The reason being is that a Category field will give you will allow you to basically filter by one variable only. So if I say, show me all the ones where it’s called list C, for instance, it’s going to show me all call this sees regardless of campaign, that’s not usually what people want. Instead, what we do is we create a view in the using the segmentation of the data that we want.

So what I’ve done is I’ve actually gone out and I’ve, I’ve changed some of the ones we just uploaded to call this C. So we can create a brand new view. And to do that, you simply use your Podio filtering to apply the data filters you want. I’m going to do this by saying let me show see all the ones that are first of all, to the affiliate probate list campaign, and that will take my numbered from 13, down to 10. And then I’m going to add a second data filter, where the call list is called list, see, and that takes me down to five. So what you can see here, what we’ve done is we’ve segmented the data in this app by two vectors, one campaign and two call lists. And that is meaning that this view that we’re about to create is going to only show us leads that are in the that are linked to the probate campaign we’ve selected and have the COLAs.

So it’s an additive process it is it is providing us with two data vectors that we’re segmenting, which is something a Category field can’t do. So now that I have the data in the way I want it, I simply save click here and save the view. I’ll do it Philly. See lists for cold calling demo. I’m going to make it a team view because it needs to be team view. And I don’t need to split it by anything at the moment because it doesn’t really matter if you want to see it by status, you can do that as well. Like say if I wanted to see it by lead status to know where we are. See it says waiting five because we haven’t done anything. But most importantly, we now have a view called Philly see list for cold calling demo, which is only showing us the data from our cold calling app that we want. And that’s what we need for our next step which is preparing the smrtDialer campaign.

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