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In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan grabs a video he made for smrtPhone to show you how you can set up a smrtDialer campaign from the Podio view you just created in your Cold Calling App.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • The basic set up features of smrtDialer
  • How to grab the correct Podio view for your campaign
  • How to decide which fields from your Cold Calling app you want your agent to see


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The next step in the process is to create a smrtDialer campaign based on the new view we’ve created for our uploaded list. And to do that, in go over smrtDialer, I’m going to go over campaign. And I’m going to add a brand new campaign.

Now there’s a couple of things you need prepared to do this already, you need the voicemail drop recording already recorded, you need the callback recording already recorded. And if you need help with how to do this, please look into in our help centre, as we have videos to show you how to do that. In this case, I’m going to do a Philly, see List cold calling demo list. Just I always like to give contacts, and then we’ve got some options here.

First, we’re going to select which phone number we’re going to make the calls from. I’m going to select this one. The next I’m going to select how many lines I’m going to call once. If using the single line, you’re only going to have one option if you using the multi line dialer, then you can do up to four, I’ll just do two for now. Phone number depth is an important one phone number depth basically show lets you set how many numbers you’re going to call per lead. If you’re using a skip tracing, you’re going to have quite a few numbers. So you can be you probably want to go up to 10. But for a warm Follow Up campaign, you can probably go down to two or three because you don’t you’re not going to have that many. This case, I’ll just go to five voicemail drop, we’ve got the already pre prepared voicemail drop recording from our media manager. And please do check our help centre. If you need help with this, we’re gonna do our call backdrop. And if we place them on hold, we’re going to use, I don’t know Ambion, one doesn’t really matter.

The next step in the process is to map to Podio. This is something where this is where smrtDialer is really the best option for Podio in so many ways because we reach right into Podio. And we do everything in your Podio system. And for you to create a campaign, you simply find that wholesale, where your cold calling list app is. For us. It’s here, find the app where you’ve uploaded your lists, you remember, we upload it to cold calling list one, and then choose what type of filter because obviously, we need to we only want to take for this campaign, the data we want. So again, like I’ve said in the earlier step, we’ve got one, two options, either category or view. In our case, we create the view. So I’m going to click over to view and select it. And there’s that view we created Philly see list for cold calling demo, bam, that so that is a plot that has allowed us to choose the workspace choose the app and the data segmentation we want next, we simply have to map the fields that we want to show the agent when they’re on a call, we’re going to take full name, we take the phone number we’re going to take, we’re not going to email, we take the property address, and we’re going to add the mailing address, we’re going to add the county, we’re going to add the credit score owner occupied and let’s say credit score as well. They’re perfect. That’s all we really want. And we finished.

So that’s us mapping and we’ve synced five leads. And if you recall, we have five here. So that’s perfect. That’s exactly what we need. Now, the final bits of making sure you’ve got a good campaign setup are number one, you want to make sure that you’ve got your status filters selected properly. And what this means is which status filter is going to be applied on the dispositions called dispositions, which will tell us to skip the lead. DNC is always checked, it’s you can’t uncheck it because of course, we’re going to check on a skip the lead if it’s DNC. But we’re also going to check to skip if we’ve converted the lead because we don’t want to call them again, if we’re running the list. Second time, we don’t want to call the people we’ve already pushed to our seller leads app. You can also set your wrong number filter and choose whether that wrong number filter will remove the wrong number automatically from Podio as well. I’m going to set that to yes.

If you choose to use call scripts, I’ll just go back one more time into the campaign settings. If you choose to use call scripts as well. You can upload a call script here via Podio webform. We’ve got documentation on do this. And of course you can set can all your agents see this are only a selected amount and this is great for where you only want some agents to work on campaigns so you don’t want even show them What what other campaigns are in there you don’t want them to be able to open up and do do anything with them and make any calls

so that is us all set to go and we are ready to run our campaign

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