Masterclass Summary:

In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan grabs a video he made for smrtPhone to show you how all the steps you have done come together to make a seamless cold calling capability using the power of Podio combined with the power of smrtDialer.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How an agent sees your Podio data when they are on a call
  • How smrtDialer calls are logged in Podio
  • How you can best push data from you cold calling app to your main CRM


All right, the final step I just want to go through with you is, well, how does this all come together. So to do that, I’m just going to demonstrate how we can make calls with our smrtDialer list. And what happens when we click those dispositions, to mark things off in our cold calling list and automate things like DNC dates, and things like pushing up to our actual acquisitions system.

So to do that, I’m going to pop over to campaigns, I’m going to open up our FileZilla list. And I’m going to run a call session. Now when you do this, you often do want to resync from Podio, I’m not going to because I just literally uploaded this list. So I haven’t made any changes. I’m just going to click run the campaign, that’s going to open up my agent list, you can see that we’ve not done any dialling that 0% of our list has been called, our two lines are ready, and we’re ready to go. I’m going to click dial. And it’s going to start to call.

And I am on a call with Tessa B, hey, that’s a fake number, Mark. So here we are now, on the call, I can take a look at all the information available to me and see everything I need. I’ve got the map right there. And I can go ahead, I’m just going to stop the call. So I’m now I have an agent. And I’ve just made this up connected to this person. Fantastic. I’ve seen all this, I’m going to take my notes from the call. If I had a call script, I could fill that in as well. I don’t confuse myself, take my notes. And then most importantly, I’m going to complete the disposition. And this is the key bit and I’m going to click convert it.

And this is what we want our agents to do. Because essentially, they’ve just clicked start, they’ve been connected to a call, they’ve seen the information. And they’ve gone Great, this was a successful call, and this person is ready to go. Now let’s pop back over into our cold calling list. This was tested, right, we just spoke to who do we call test to be? Let’s look at tests a B. And we can see if we go down to the bottom, we can see some things are happening already.

And the first thing that’s happening is you can see the smrtDialer disposition has been switched to convert it, you can see the status has been switched to qualified and pushed. We’ve done a contact duplicate sync, we’ve not found a duplicate, and we’ve created a brand new contact in our contacts app. For Tessa B, she will now be in our contacts app. We’ve just created her. There she is. We’ve also done a property duplicate search, and no we’ve not found a duplicate.

And so we’ve gone ahead and created that property as well. And of course, we’ve filled in the key information here of when qualified so we can do some metrics around that. And in the Properties app, we’ve automatically pushed Tessa be as that seller. So right away, that is a massive automation. And all the if you think about what’s happened here, the agent has simply loaded up a list, got on the phone with someone and click converted and in the background, we’ve gone ahead and we’ve said great, let’s do all the work for them. We have updated this app item we have created contact with creative property.

We’ve linked the two together, and everything is all linked up to our campaigns app as well. If do this properly, that means we’ve got the best of all worlds, right? We’ve got our agents just sitting on the phones making calls. They just simply have to take their notes properly. They have to click the right button whether it’s DNC converted, or dead, whatever it is. And if they do that, and they focus on the dialling. We can do the rest by properly setting up a Podio system.

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