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In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan grabs a video he made for smrtPhone to show you how you can best prepare a good campaigns app in your Podio system. This is a critical app to have to truly be able to track your KPIs across a sales system, and will give you the metrics you need to make decisions.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • Why a separate campaigns app is a good idea
  • How you can use calculation fields to give you performance metrics
  • Why you should have a unique search ID field


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Step Two in this process is optional, but it’s something we recommend. And that is to have a dedicated campaigns app. Now we’ve got a specific way of doing this. But the key thing here is this campaigns app is going to have a couple important bits.

Number one, we do tend to, if it’s a cold calling list, we do tend to put our targets here. So we have something we want to track against. We also tend to, you know, track throughout the system. So we track how much we’re spending per month on the campaign, or if it’s a single, you can have a single field for how much you spend if you’re buying a list. Or if you want to track your VAs, you can track via calculation fields, how many things are happening and how much money is being generated, and what your ROI slash spend per leads are.

And most importantly, having some sort of search ID Well, we do this by putting the GlobiFlow Podio item ID using GlobiFlow to do that. But this can be anything as long as it is unique. And what that will allow us to do is will allow us to use our system to search on upload or when automations happen. We want to be able to search for this campaign, and know that we’re working with this campaign. And this is going to play into how we manage our Excel uploads as well. There are other things depending on the type of campaign, you know, you may want to have different fields in here. If it’s an inbound like if it’s a postcard campaign you’re sending out, you can associate it with a smartphone tracking number so that every new call gets tracked his campaign. There’s lots of automations here, but for the purpose of cold calling, the key is that we create a campaign for the list we’re uploading and that we have a specific search ID so that we can link everything together as we qualify our cold calling lists

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