Masterclass Summary:

In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan grabs a video he made for smrtPhone to show you how you can best prepare your Excel spreadsheet and get it ready to upload into Podio.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • Why your spreadsheet needs to have one lead/contact per row
  • How to bring two fields together into one field (First Name & Last Name)
  • What extra columns you should consider adding and why


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The next step in the process is a really critical one and something that people get wrong a lot. And that is how to prepare your Excel for upload. Now, obviously, I don’t want to work with a huge list for test. But you can see here we’ve got sort of some basics, we’ve got a list that has a first name, last name, some email addresses and phone numbers. We’ve got a property address, we’ve got a mailing address, and we’ve got some extra fields here, which are related to the fields we have in our cold calling app. Right. And of course, if you have more fields that you want to track and show to the agent on a call, you can add more columns, that’s entirely up to yourself. But this is this is certainly a good example of a list.

Now there’s few things we’re going to do here. And usually we get a list which just has a first name, and last name. So we’ve added these four columns, we’ve added a column for full name, a column for call list, the column for lead status, and the campaign search ID, column.

Now, there’s a couple good Excel tips here. First of all, when you do a full name, if you want to concatenate to excel columns, to get a full name, you simply do the formula equals the First Name column, the ampersand space, double quote, space, double quote, quote, space, ampersand space, and then the second column, what that will do is it’ll it’ll bring the two of those fields E two and F two together with a space in the middle. So that means we suddenly get Joey space A, which is first name, space, last name. And of course, I’ve simply dragged this formula down to ensure that the same formula carried out as a basic of an Excel guide.

The second thing is the call list. Do you remember from our cold calling app, that we have this notion of the call list. So I’ve added a few of these in here, we’ve got column A and column B. Again, this would be a way of breaking up that Excel so that we can create different smart dialer campaigns and have them all working at the same time. So if you had 20,000, you could put in, you know, 500, for goalless day 500 For calls B or 5000 5000 5000, however you want to break it up.

The next status is we’ve put in the lead status just to make it easier on our automations. So I want this to populate with waiting. And I want the creation date to populate with a date. So I’ve got lead status and and the and I’m going to add one for the date. So for lead status I’ve got waiting here are good how helpful tip is if you want the same value to be filled in, whether it’s a calculation or one of these sort of concatenations or not, you simply instead of dragging you because you don’t want to drag for for 40,000 lines, you simply double click on that little green, see how it’s changed the cursor, and that will go for as long as the next column has. So it’s filled in to the end of this column. So that’s a really good tip, if you want to go for like 30,000 lines, you can just double click and it’ll go all 30,000 lines with the same value, which is great.

Now at the same thing I’m going to do for the date, I’m going to just put in the date uploaded or created today. It’s us I’ll do it in US format. And I’m just going to copy it here. And then I will again double click and that’s the same dates. And then finally we’ve got the campaign search ID. Now if you recall, in our campaigns app, we did mention that it was critical that you had a ID field to search width. And this is the ID field, it starts with a 162 ends with a 619162619. So it’s same one.

And I again, I’m just going to double click and that same value gets the whole offer all the vital fields. So this is a really great way of preparing the Excel, it means we’ve got the search ID so we can link each row to the correct campaign. We pre filling some values here, we’re selecting call lists, we’ve made a full name. And more critically, you can see how we’ve got our phone numbers identified as columns. So sometimes this will take you a bit of work on your lists because I see this sometimes where it doesn’t, it’s got the the phone type as column A and phone number as column B and then phone type is gone. The next one is what cetera that’s not going to work very well. You’re going to want it in this type of format. And you can see we’ve got some addresses here. And we’ve got some some data to fill in. So this is all good and it’s now ready to go

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