The modern, flexible business needs a modern, flexible system

“Why do you need a dedicated desk?” That’s a question that, fifteen years ago, wouldn’t have been asked. I’ll admit, when it was first posed to me twelve years ago, I was slightly taken back. I had just opened up Gamechangers’ first office and one of my contacts had [...]

Building business automation: understanding when enough is enough!

Business automation is a bit of a buzz word these days. Depending on where you go on the internet, and to whom you’re connected to on LinkedIn, you’ll probably have read blogs about it (oops!), have been bombarded with amazing success stories (undoubtedly exaggerated), or been inundated with terrifying [...]

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Tired of waiting for signed orders? Automate, Innovate & Speed it up!

Technology is wonderful isn't? I know it's been a while since I last posted, but I have some pretty good excuses. I mean, you try finding the time to post when, already in 2017, you've logged 47,000 miles flown across Europe. Anyways, I've been able to spend a good bit of the last couple [...]

The Power of Podio: The Power of Hierarchy

I’ve written about Podio a number of times before, including a soppy love song that I wrote last year that serves as a pretty fair introduction to why I love the system, and why I think you will too. If you’re new to Podio, have a look at it. This article isn’t for the [...]

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I just called to say I love you (Podio)

OK. I admit I've not been exactly Johnny-on-the-spot with my updates. A lot has been going on here at Gamechangers, but that's a subject for another article on another day... Now I'm not normally one to flog or endorse things. It's just not in my nature. Today I can't help it - I have to [...]

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Why good businesses fail, the preamble – Can’t see the wood for the trees

We’ve been in our new offices  for a week now. It’s a remarkable change of scenery and so far it’s getting full thumbs up from the whole team. There is a lot of space here (both inside and out) and the simple act of looking out the window and gazing at the countryside has an [...]

When do you need to get it right?

One of my pet peeves is when business consultants use ridiculously unsuitable analogies to illustrate their (theoretical) point. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all heard it. Someone will stand up and start to talk to a room full of businesses about branding and use Nike as the example. Or Apple. Or Coca-Cola. Whatever. I’ve always [...]

Sometimes getting the sale is the easy part

If you do what I do, the first conversation you tend to have with people is focussed on sales. That makes sense. Ambitious people build ambitious companies, and ambitious companies want to grow. Even the thickest business owner knows that if they sell more, they get more. It’s a pretty basic concept. They aren’t wrong. [...]

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