The Power of Podio: The Power of Hierarchy

I’ve written about Podio a number of times before, including a soppy love song that I wrote last year that serves as a pretty fair introduction to why I love the system, and why I think you will too. If you’re new to Podio, have a look at it. This article isn’t for the [...]

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Getting to know Jordan Fleming

Jordan is the boss. He started out as a professional musician, and the team would describe him as a passionate and optimistic person who enjoys good music, cooking and hurting himself on stupid challenges like Tough Mudder and Triathlons. Jordan started the company in his bedroom over 8 years ago and the personality of the [...]

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Getting to Know Anna-Louise Teasdale

Anna-Louise is one of our most passionate project leaders. Having worked in sales, marketing and events with numerous high growth technology companies across Scotland, she understands what makes a company a leader in their field. She loves good food, good wine and lots of holidays in the sun! To get to know Anna better, here [...]

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Asim is the new signing in Game changers. He is a committed family man and a father of two 7 years old twins. He has over two decades of practical experience in business and has a real understanding of what it takes to transform a small business into a national leader. To get to know [...]

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First week of Gamechangers under our belt!

So Gamechangers, here we are at last! For over five months I’ve been a Project Manager with Jordan and the team at Designate, and now we have an exciting new company rebrand to talk about! I have to say it’s one of the most interesting and varied roles I’ve ever had. Nothing could have prepared [...]

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