That happened fast!

A couple of months ago our MD, Jordan Fleming, floated the idea of a European Podio Partner get together. The idea was simple: get a bunch of Podio enthusiasts in one place and let them share ideas, share skills and see how they can work together.

Podio liked the idea and offered to host us in their headquarters in Copenhagen.


And now it’s next week. We have over 25 European Podio partners coming for a one day event (and an evening get-together sponsored by our friends at Plecto) of ideas, new concepts and collaboration. Podio has also come on board in a big way and we’re going to have a couple of sessions where we look at development ideas and give our feedback on what we’d like to see.

Podio is about collaboration, and we think this event shows just how much the Podio ecosystem promotes working together.

We’re happy we floated the idea, and we can’t wait to meet some of our fellow Podio enthusiasts.

Roll on next week and Copenhagen!