So Gamechangers, here we are at last!

For over five months I’ve been a Project Manager with Jordan and the team at Designate, and now we have an exciting new company rebrand to talk about!

I have to say it’s one of the most interesting and varied roles I’ve ever had. Nothing could have prepared me for the steep learning curve coming from a background of sales and events to the world of strategy.

When I began, I never imagined all the different areas of business we would work in. Even the word marketing has totally changed in its meaning to me. Some people associate marketing with logos, brands and leaflets, websites etc, but our approach is different: we do so much more.

Hence the new name: Gamechangers.

It’s perfect because it’s exactly what we are for our clients. We figure out where they want to go, create the strategy to get them there and then take charge to make sure that the strategy becomes reality. Sounds simple enough, but when we begin working with clients, they are often surprised at how much detail is involved. We learn everything about our clients and their competitive landscape… and I mean everything.

Some of our clients want to double their turnover, whilst others want to enter new markets (handy having a boss who’s Canadian). We have young growing companies and established ones who have been around for over forty years.

At the end of the day, we help companies to grow and perform, and as cheesy as it sounds, it feels really good being part of that 🙂

– Anna-Louise