July 2019

Job Opening – Developer (contract with possibility of permanent)

By |2019-07-23T14:56:07+01:00July 23rd, 2019|Open Jobs|

We have an exciting opportunity for one or more developers who are looking for a flexible work-from-home position in a fast-paced and growing software company. This will initially be a six -12 month contract (with a one month trial period) with the intention of permanent position. You can work from anywhere in the world [...]

June 2019

Episode 16 – Tax Credit Nirvana

By |2019-06-10T14:36:34+01:00June 7th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest David Roberson Andres Breton Leyton USA Episode Summary In this week's episode we speak to David an Anders from Leyton (www.leyton.com), an international firm that has been specialising in R&D Tax credits with over 22 offices worldwide. Tax credits are a seriously under-utilised resource for most [...]

May 2019

Episode 15 – Podio & Real Estate Investors Vol 1 – Alex Brant from SimpleQuarters

By |2019-05-16T09:02:55+01:00May 16th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest Alex Brant SimpleQuarters & SimpleWholesaling Episode Summary In this awesome episode of Supercharged! we dive back into the world of Real Estate Investing with Alex Brant from SimpleQuarters & SimpleWholesaling. Alex's companies started out using Podio with a pre-built InvestorFuse system, and have spent the last [...]

Episode 14 – Podio User Number 11 Reporting with Anders Bendix Kiel

By |2019-05-07T10:49:33+01:00May 7th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest Anders Bendix Kiel Partner, Multikant Episode Summary In this episode we talk to Podio Partner (and Podio User number 11) Anders Bendix Kiel about how Podio has developed and how he's seen Podio evolve with his clients. Anders has seen it all, and has some great [...]

April 2019

Episode 13 – The path to enlightenment begins with ProcFu w/ Andrew Cranston

By |2019-04-10T09:52:43+01:00April 10th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest Andrew Cranston CTO, Gamechangers Episode Summary In this fantastic episode we dig into how normal people can turn into superhero API warriors using Podio, ProcFu and the magic of the internet. We're joined by Andrew Cranston, Gamechanger's CTO and a regular contributor to the GlobiFlow and [...]

Episode 12 – Get your birds’ eye view with Quivvy Tools

By |2019-04-05T11:15:46+01:00April 5th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest Mike Demunter MD, Quivvy Episode Summary In this Episode This is a great episode for anyone who manages their own (or their company's) Podio system, or for Podio Partners who design and build for multiple clients. In today's episode we speak with Mike Demunter from Quivvy. [...]

March 2019

Episode 11 – smrtPhone, smrtPhone and more smrtPhone!

By |2019-03-26T12:49:23+00:00March 27th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest Vlad Pustiu Co-Founder, smrtPhone Episode Summary In this special episode we speak with Vlad Pustiu, one of the co-founders of smrtPhone - the only phone system designed specifically for Podio! Vlad and Jordan look at the development of the product to date, how the community has [...]

Episode 10 – It’s always sunny in…Texas? With Austin Huges

By |2019-03-20T03:49:10+00:00March 20th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest Austin Hughes CEO, Thunder Sun Homes Episode Summary In this Episode of Supercharged! we speak with Austin Hughes from Thunder Sun Homes. Austin is a real estate investor who handles all types of real estate transactions and who found Podio when he was looking for ways [...]

Episode 9 – The Devil went down to Georgia…and discovered Podio! With Joel Hall

By |2019-03-13T10:52:52+00:00March 13th, 2019|Podcast|

Today's Guest Joel Hall Workfast Studios Episode Summary In today's episode we speak with Joe Hall from Workfast Studios in Georgia. Joe is a Podio Partner who started out building Podio for his own company and soon started helping other businesses harness the power of Podio for their [...]