And we’re off!

It’s been a pretty amazing week so far, and it’s only Wednesday afternoon. After almost eight years in business, our new brand has received pretty rave reviews and we’ve been busy setting up meetings with people who want to learn more.

Speaking as the person who originally set the company up in my bedroom, it’s also been a pretty weird emotional roller coaster. Hugely exciting, of course, but also sobering. Eight years of work and it’s a nerve-wracking thing to completely change away from the brand that got you where you are.

It’s also been a great start. We’ve kicked off three new projects this week and we’re looking to kick off three more new ones by the end of the month. All of them are exciting. All of them have huge potential. All of them will be a lot of fun.

So here’s to a great start to the new company. Thanks to all of our friends who continue to support us, and thanks to my team for continuing to knock it out of the park every week.

Roll on the next twelve months eh?

– Jordan