People ask us all the time, what exactly is Podio? Is it a CRM? Is it a Project Management Tool? Is it a Marketing Automation platform? Our answer is: Yes, Yes and Yes – and a whole lot more.
Podio is actually an incredibly powerful set of building tools that we use to create 100% bespoke business systems that can work within any area of your business. Through the power of Podio, we can connect every part of your business together, ensuring you have complete end-to-end visibility, productivity and automation.



Data is more than just the latest buzzword. It’s a living breathing (and vital) part of every business. Podio is an incredibly powerful data management tool. We can integrate data from all over your business (including integrating machines from any location in the world) into one, comprehensive, data management system that is 100% secured in the cloud.
Once your data is in Podio, we can do almost anything with it. We can trigger automated processes based on specific criteria, create automatic reports (and send them anywhere) and send messages and warnings to anyone (whether they are in Podio or not).


Collaboration is the key to the modern workplace, particularly in a world where more and more people are working remotely. Podio is an immersive and collaborative space where you and your team can collaborate to maximum efficiency.
Podio is also an incredibly powerful way of collaborating with your suppliers, partners and clients. We can build secure and private spaces to ensure that they only can see what you want them to see, and you’ll find working in Podio with your external teams to be an incredibly engaging process.


Podio is an automation workhorse for your business. We can automate almost any element of your business processes to develop maximum flexibility. Think of how much time your team spends on mundane activities that could be automated if you had the power – document creation, process management…you name it. Podio’s automation is 100% flexible and can be completely customised to your business processes.
By developing smart automation into your Podio system we can seriously enhance your productivity.


One of the things we’ve always hated about business systems is how inflexible they are in their design. They are built to work how they are built, and the rely on you changing your behaviours to meet their design.
Not Podio. Podio is 100% customisable to your business. We design it from the bottom up to work how your business works.


We have a simple saying in the Gamechangers’ office: “all roads lead to Podio”. One of the reasons that is key to our Podio approach is the  simple fact that if it’s in Podio, we can do almost anything with it. It provides a clean, clear and transparent management view of every element of your business and all of the data your hold.
Getting a bird’s eye view of your business helps you to make the best decisions based on all the information. Podio is the best way of visualising every aspect of your business.


Project Management
Document Management
Sales Pipeline Management
Client Helpdesk
Sales Reporting Tool
Client Sign-Off Portal


Inbound Marketing Tool
Campaign Manager
Client Communication Manager
Expense Manager
Financial Manager
Staff Vacation Portal
Event Manager