We understand that, as a membership organisation, you’re always striving to ensure you strike the right balance between operational efficiency and member experience. We also understand how stretched a lot of your capacity can become as your staff strive to deliver a lot of different benefits to a wide variety of members.
Our membership management system has been built from the ground up based on us working directly with membership organisations and helping them to solve their operational and member engagement challenges. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned and distilled it into a flexible a comprehensive system that can be customised to your unique organisational needs.



For membership organisations, it’s incredibly important to be able to efficiently manage the administration and delivery of a huge range of services.
Our member management system is a collaborative space where your team can efficiently and effectively manage their workload, plan projects and track key metrics and data.


Repetitive manual completion of tasks is a killer that we see happen in a lot of organisations, particularly when it comes to finances.
Our management system can automate the creation and sending of invoices, and can link directly to some of the world’s leading accountancy software to automatically track payments and initiate follow-up actions.


Membership organisations live and die by their members, so it’s critical that your members feel engaged and connected to your organisation.
Our membership management system is also a secure and controlled member engagement tool giving your members a collaborative space to connect to your team, participate in discussions, download or purchase materials and sign up to events. We have integrated live chats and messaging functionality to build a truly immersive member experience.


Events are a primary way of engaging your members, but they can also be the most difficult, and time-consuming, to manage.
Our system has a comprehensive set of event management tools that makes setting up and running an event a breeze. We also have the capacity to automate and personalise communication and materials to each of your members for a truly individual, and special, experience.


Your members are most likely to renew when they feel engaged with your organisation and that they get real value.
When it comes time for renewals, we can take the hassle away with automated reminders, dynamic follow-up tasks and customised communications that show the value you bring to each member.


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Membership Database Tracker
Event Manager
Financial Manager
Project Management Tools

Online Membership Hub
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Resource Manager
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