We’ve been a busy old group here at Gamechangers HQ as we’ve been kicking off two new strategy implementations for some pretty cool clients.

What are strategy implementations, you ask?

I’ll elaborate…

The first project we normally work on with our clients is the development of a strategy. This can be a strategy for a particular product or part of their business or, more often than not, it’s an overall business growth strategy. The company wants to expand, and they are looking for a comprehensive guide to how they can do it.

Our strategies are not off-the-shelf reports. They involve a huge amount of face-time with each member of the team, as well as countless hours of research and analysis. There aren’t many areas that we don’t poke into. There is method to our madness. We need to understand every area of our clients’ businesses in order to develop a strategy that can be effectively implemented within their existing resource. There is no point developing a strategy that you don’t have the resource to manage and implement.

Next up comes the implementation.

Some people call it change management, but I like to think of it as “making the shit happen”. We are the ones in charge of this implementation and it’s our team that manages the activities. That’s a crucially important factor.

Think about it this way. How many people do you know who have, in the past, tried to lose weight. Most people start off with great gusto. They buy a diet book, purchase some shiny new trainers, and set about an ambitious schedule of diet and exercise.

And most people give up after less than a month.

Why do they give up? Because it’s not naturally part of their lifestyle. It’s not how they do things.

In order to make things stick, they need to make some fundamental changes to their lifestyle. They need to alter their behaviour. Very few people do that by themselves. Most people need someone else to help them along the way.

And that, in a nutshell, is how our strategic implementations work. We’re the personal trainer forcing you to run when what you’d like to do is lie down on the couch. We work with you and your whole team to develop and integrate every part of our strategies so they fit into the way your company works, and we are responsible for delivering it on time and on budget.

That is a strategic implementation, and like eating your vegetables as a kid, it’s not always pleasant but it is good for you.

It’s going to be a fun ride.

– jordan