What, you may ask, has company culture got to do with Gamechangers creating growth strategies? Well I have found through working with clients across all sectors, that it has everything to do with it…

I have yet to come across a flourishing company that has a negative culture. In fact it is normally the opposite: the healthier the culture, and the happier and more motivated the staff, the more profitable the business.

This is important for the work we do at Gamechangers because our strategies are created to help our clients grow. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure the right people who can deliver this growth are in place, and the culture is there to support it.

So how do we do ensure our clients develop a culture that contributes to the bottom line? That’s the tricky bit because it isn’t something tangible, it isn’t always easy to define. We have to emerge ourselves into our clients’ organisations, understand the way they do things and why, understand their challenges, help to create a vision that brings all stakeholders together. We speak to all of the employees and their clients, learn every company process and communication, and then determine whether the culture is the best for the growth of the business. We want the right people in the right roles, everyone working at their optimum, everyone motivated, inspired, and on the same page, going in the same direction.

If they’re not, then we have to work out how this can happen. And that’s where the fun stuff comes in. For me, having done an MSC in Human Resource Management, there’s nothing more satisfying than than helping a company to create a thriving culture and reach its full potential through its employees.