Confession time. We had a great plan to update this at least every month with a summary of the (very cool) work we’re doing with our clients.

The drawback of being busy is, of course, a significantly less amount of time is available for doing fun things like, for instance, writing down updates.

But it’s Tuesday evening and I’m sitting in Jamie’s Italian at Gatwick airport on the way back home after a couple of days in Shoreham with one of our clients. Satiated with decent food and (a small) glass of wine, I’m working out how to give a proper update.

We’ve been busy. Very busy.

At them moment, we’re splitting out time almost equally between business growth (helping our clients to make more money and increase profit margins) and business performance (helping our clients improve their businesses to ensure that the growth can be sustainable).

So what have we been up to the last two months?

– We’re┬áredeveloping the workflow & client relationship structure for a very cool printing company down on the south coast.

– We’ve developed a new communication strategy for a software client who has clients across the globe.

– We’ve developed a new marketing campaign to help a company attack the “end of year” budget from their public service clients

– We’re re-developing the project management process for an ambitious and growing ecommerce company

– We’ve restructured the sales process & sales structure for one of our clients

It’s been a full on couple of months. The team is working hard and we’re having a lot of fun delivering for our clients.

Not a bad gig, huh?

– jordan