One of my pet peeves is when business consultants use ridiculously unsuitable analogies to illustrate their (theoretical) point. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all heard it. Someone will stand up and start to talk to a room full of businesses about branding and use Nike as the example. Or Apple. Or Coca-Cola. Whatever.

I’ve always hated that because they never talk about context. Should a small business think about their brand and how that is being managed? Of course they should. Will they need to do it like Nike? In their dreams. It creates a false sense of priority and a false sense of focus. It’s really annoying.

So I hope I don’t fall into that trap here.

Over the past four months my team and I have finished off a couple of new strategies for clients. As I’ve written before, our growth strategies are about a lot more than just growth. They are also about preparing your company for that growth.

As the same time we have also been hard at work within Gamechangers implementing new structures within our own company to help us become even more efficient in how we deliver to our clients.

And that got me thinking…

When is the right time to think about structure?

Think about it. When you start a business things fly at you every second of every day. It’s manic, and can be a tad overwhelming. Unless you’re some sort of business freak-of-nature you’re going to need to learn a lot of new skills, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes and you’re going to fall down as many times as you stand up. That’s kind of the nature of the game. Most of us have some pretty cool skills, but very few of us naturally know how to manage a business.

So the best intentions you normally have will fly out the window. You’ll be pushed and pulled in every direction, and you’ll let a lot of things slip unless the wolves are at your door.

But you work hard. You get more business. You hire some staff.

That makes things even more complicated. You have more taxes to pay. Money flies out of the door even quicker. You’re working longer and getting less.

But you still want to grow the company.


That’s about the right time to look at your structure.

(chances are you’ll be turning over between £250K-1M)

Doing it much earlier than that would be great, but let’s face it, it’s never going to happen. Not really. You’re too busy trying to make things work. You don’t have the time or the inclination to engage at that committed level.

Do it much later than that and you’re going to face a real problem with how you scale your business. The longer you leave a bad structure in place the longer it’s going to hurt you. it also gets a lot harder to fix.

If you’re at that stage…give us a call eh?

– Jordan