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In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan takes you through a simple, but really useful, Podio automation trick that will let you create items (by clicking a category field) and then add them to a relationship field – the key being each new item will be added to the existing list of items, instead of replacing them!

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to create an item by clicking on a Podio category field option (like a button)
  • How to update a relationship field with a link to the item you just created
  • A simple formula you can use to make sure that you can continue to add items to this field and have new items append to the existing ones


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You’re watching another supercharged masterclass with Jordan Samuel Fleming your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Podio design and development from one of the top Podio partners in the world.

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Hey everybody, it’s Jordan Fleming here with another supercharged masterclass. Now today I’m going to show you a really useful little tool in Citrix PWA that will help you be able to create items from an app. And, you know, drop them in drop multiple items into a relationship field. So I’ve got a relationship field, that’s got to link somewhere to an item, and I want to create it, I want to drop another item and have both. So I’m going from one linked item to two linked items. There’s a very simple way of doing that in Citrix PWA. And I’m going to show you how to do it right now. Let’s dive into Podio.

Okay, so here we are in Podio. Now I’m in my kind of demo, scratch workspace. And we’re working on the notion of a contact and accompany app. And as you’ll see here, I’ve got a button to create company, which you have seen in other videos if you watch them. And I’ve already got a company linked here, and it’s called Jordan Fleming company original. It’s already there. Now, if I just choose to create an item and update that field, that original one will go away, it’ll be replaced. But what happens if we want to keep that one and append? The second one we’ve just created? How do we do that using Citrix PWA? Well, it’s very simple, we just have to make one minor adjustment, which I’ll show you right now. So I’m going to pop back over here. And I’m going to take a look at my on update flow that we’ve been using. And you can remember that, of course, the trigger here, the filters of when we do these things, and we’ve got the actions we are doing. Now, we’ve made a change, I’ve made a change to this action. Whereas before I will set it was just update this contact with a value of the created company. And what that will do is that will essentially drop the created company I just did as part of this flow into that field. If I do the flow again, click the button again. It’s going to replace it. Well, I want to append it this time, I want to say keep what’s there, add the new one I’m creating. So how do we do that we just make a slight change, we change this from value to calc, and I’ll just paste whatever here is gonna let me and that’s fine. So well, I’ll write it from scratch them, that’s fine. So I’ve got a calculation here. First thing I’m gonna do, I’m going to drop the field token. That’s the token of the field that I want to use the company one. So what this does is it says, This is what’s already here, hey, are you using Podio to manage your real estate investment business? Click the link to find out why 1000s of real estate investment professionals are using Podio plus smartphone to make more calls, send more text and close more deals. Click the link, right. And you can see Jordan Fleming accompany original man, it’s very true. But now I want to append the next one. So what I do is I do space, I do a dot space, open quotes, comma, close quotes space dot space. And I go to the created company Podio item ID. And what that does is that so we’ve got contact that was originally in the field that the original so I’m dropping the field token space, period space, open quotes, comma, close quotes, space, period space, and then we’ll drop in the token for the created Podio item ID in the company’s app, ie the one we just created as part of this flow. And that you can see here in the little visualizer, it shows the Jordan Fleming is original company, which is great. And then it’s just a comma. And that’s exactly what we want. So I’m going to save that, that a tiny change may changing from just a value to a calculation, which appends what you’ve already got, and then appends on to it the new thing. So if I now go over here, and I click Create company, boom, it’s appended the second one on the first one is kept. And if I do it again, because the way that script that bit of code is written, it’s not a code, but because of the way that is written. It’s going to take whatever’s in this field and then append the new thing onto it. So now if I do it again, it should now have three and so on and so on. So a really useful thing that you will find if you are building out a system up ticularly where you maybe have an invoicing app with line items or something like that very simple thing to do a very simple change but not one that everybody knows about. So hope that helps you out. As always, if you liked, disliked disagree, etcetera, you got something you want me to talk about, then do hit me up in the comments on the website or on the YouTube channel. While you’re in the YouTube channel. Do make sure you hit the subscribe button to be notified for new videos. And of course, check out the supercharged podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google every major podcast platform. If you like it, give it a like give it a rating give it a review, give it a share, help spread the gospel and consider counting on yourself. Go to WWE are game and pop over to the contact page and why not? Come on as a guest? Thanks for watching.

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Thanks for watching this Supercharged masterclass with Jordan Samuel Fleming CEO of smart bone. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel to be notified of new podcast episodes Podio masterclasses and in depth Podio extension reviews

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