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In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan explains how Batch Jobs work in Citrix Podio and explains what they are and why they are important. A Batch Job is how Podio balances the workload of large data manipulation across the millions of users: they queue them up to be done in a balanced way.

This is an important concept to understand if you’re going to be working with a lot of excel uploads of large data sets (remember Podio has a hard stop at 20K rows for each important) or you need to delete a large amount of data on a regular basis.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

– Where to find and access Batch Jobs in Citrix Podio
– What it looks like when a Batch Job is processing in Citrix Podio
– How you’re notified that a Batch Job in Citrix Podio is completed


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You’re watching another supercharged masterclass with Jordan Samuel Fleming your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Podio design and development from one of the top Podio partners in the world. Hey, everybody

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is Jordan Fleming here with another supercharged masterclass. Now, today I want to talk a little bit about batch jobs. If you’re wondering what the hell that is, I will show you in Podio in just a sec, but essentially, batch jobs are a way of Podio queuing up larger things like deletion of a large amount of items, or exporting and importing Excel spreadsheets in and out of Podio. If you are doing quite a large amount of data, you’re uploading, you know, a sheet with 15,000 lines of rows of Excel Podio has to essentially queue that out, it needs to, it can’t just upper row in a slot, because there could be loads of hundreds 1000s of other people doing the same thing at the same time, it needs to spread the load across the whole system, which means they create a queue for it, it means that I’m uploading a 20,000 row spreadsheet could take 45 minutes. But that’s the price you pay when you’re dealing with a system which millions and millions of people use every day. And it’s actually very smart thing for you to do, it means that by queueing it out, nobody can overrun the resource, and they can kind of spread the power across everybody. So we’re gonna dive into that and explain a bit inside of Podio, where to find the best jobs and what they mean. And I’ll do a quick, very small one for you. In that video, let’s hop into Podio.

Okay, so we’re in Podio. Now, first step is to know where to find batch leads. To find bashley. Simply go up here, click off from the drop down menu, and you’ll see there’s batch jobs right there. And right now I have no batch jobs. So there’s nothing I’ve tried to import or export into Podio. I’m gonna go ahead and quickly go to this app I have for cold calling. And I’m going to do a quick Excel import. Choose File. Hey, are you using Podio to manage your real estate investment business Wait, click the link to find out why 1000s of real estate investment professionals are using Podio plus smartphone to make more calls, send more text and close more deals, click the link. And there’s not many leads in here. But I’ll just choose a quick file. And I’ll map the basic fields. If you’ve never done this before, very, very, very, very, very important thing to understand. So I’ll go ahead and I will let full name, first name, last name, I’ll do a quick phone number. Mobile and object quick address. I’m not going to do a huge amount of work here address, postal code, city state and I’m not going to bother with anything else. Next. I will do other supercharged maths classes on some of the keys around importing data properly. And here I’m going to very quickly Okay, hands up who’s using Podio for real estate and they don’t want more Leads. Nobody. You want more Leads closed well check out smartphone for Podio the only phone system fully built for Citrix Podio. With an fully integrated power dialer and our amazing mobile apps. It means wherever you are, you can make more calls, love to Podio send more texts love to Podio and close more deals, all logged to your Podio CRM, click the link, check it out, click Import eight rows. And then your data is being imported. So what happens is now the system is going to queue up that data now there’s only eight rows or something. So it’s probably going to be in fairly quickly it may already be in but under batch jobs you will see now there is a US it’s still queueing. So there is a new entry here. It tells me exactly when I’m doing it that it’s an import the state it’s out right now. So once it’s finally see it’s now started the import and then once it’s completed, which should be relatively quickly. It’ll update that completed. It also keeps the template that you uploaded here. Now that is it only keeps it for a certain amount of time. There you go. I finished exporting my rows and if I refresh this batch jobs change you can see Now it’s completed that CSV, I can download it again, see whatever I’ve uploaded, or using Podio. With call rail. There’s a better way, click the link, find out why hundreds of businesses have moved over to using smartphone, the only phone system built for Podio. Make more calls, send more texts and close more deals, click like,

and that is a job batch job complete. And this is just a really great sort of, it’s a great thing to understand in Podio to understand how Podio queues up your, you know, sort of bulk actions so that for deletion or import or export, so that it doesn’t hurt the overall performance of the system. And to go and see where the job that you may have queued up is, is it progressing? Is it almost done? Is it completed? It’s just a really useful feature of Podio for you to get to know and it’s one that a lot of people just don’t know about. So any comments questions pop down in the YouTube comment section? Do remember to hit the subscribe button. Make sure you get notified when I upload new videos. Anything you want to me to talk about any questions, comments, things you disagree on things you agree on, pop into the YouTube comments, of course, pop over to the podcast platform of your choice Apple, Google, Spotify, whatever. And make sure you subscribe to my super charged podcast. Give it a like get rid of view. It really does help if you share the love for the podcast and for the YouTube channel. And of course if you’re using Podio you should use link on these videos and on the we are game website to go and sign up for your free smartphone trial. If you’re using Podio really you need to be using smartphone it is the only phone system fully built for Podio and having your phone system fully integrated into your business system is a complete game changer. Have a great week.

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