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In this Supercharged! Masterclass Podio Extension Review Jordan looks into Better Super Menu ( This awesome extension was built by Andreas Huttenrauch (who built GlobiFlow) and is one that Jordan uses every single day.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to set Better Super Menu up in your Podio
  • How to use Better Super Menu to navigate your Podio system like a champ
  • How to use Better Super Menu to edit app data in a spreadsheet format (bulk editing etc.)


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You’re watching another supercharged masterclass with Jordan Samuel Fleming your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Podio design and development from one of the top Podio partners in the world.

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Hey, everybody, it’s Jordan Fleming here with a supercharged extension Review. Today, I am going to dive a little deeper into one of my favourite Podio extensions, Better Super Menu. If you’ve not used it, it was created by Andreas Huttenrauch. You may not know that name, but you undoubtedly know the work from the man because he’s the person who created GlobiFlowe which Citrix then acquired and now is called Citrix Podio Workflow Automation (Citrix PWA), it’s basically the place you log into and create unbelievably complicated and amazing automations for your Podio setup. So what I’m gonna do in this video is I’m gonna dive into two of the really key parts of Better Super Menu that I use on a day to day basis, show you how to set it up how to use it, and then afterwards, I’m going to give the extension a rating. I’m gonna do this with all my extension reviews, basically, on four categories.

  1. How useful is it?
  2. How easy is it to set up?
  3. How easy is it to use on a day to day basis
  4. Is it good value for money?

Okay, so let’s look at Better Super Menu and start with, it’s incredibly easy to set up, there’s two things you need to do. One, you’re going to need to go over to And you’re gonna need to log in sign in authenticating with your Podio granting access. And now once you’ve done that, it’s actually going to go through and essentially, categorise and pull through all the different Podio, organisations, workspaces and apps that you your user has access to, right. So if you’re one of those people who like I used to be have access to a tonne of people’s systems, it can take a little while I’ve streamlined it for the purposes of this video.

So what’s involved here? Well, let’s just quickly look, what we’re doing with better submenu is we’re creating a menu that you can essentially use to quickly access any of your Podio apps. So you can see here I’ve got my workspaces and my apps. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to select a few to go ahead and put into the benefit menu. You see here, I’ve selected the wholesale CRM workspace, and I’ve selected the four apps. I can also select this one, and I’m going to go these ones. I’m going to skip out buyer and documents and just go to campaigns as well. And maybe for the configuration. Well, I use users a lot. I use the sequence and task templates quite a bit. I’ll maybe look at the merge tags and title companies…

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…and some of these other ones as well, right. Let’s just pick a few. And maybe I’ll do my cold calling list. So you can see here, what I’m doing here is I’m creating a sort of menu structure. And what this is going to do is once I instal this into once I get this set up using the Chrome extension, it means that I’ll be able to navigate very quickly identities now you can customise the look of this and Zed. So you see here that you can check.

You know, you could set the background colour to that or no or whatever that colour is and the foreground colour to white maybe. And you know, you could do all sorts of little bits of customization there. But essentially what I’ve done is I’ve taken bits of my Podio setup, and I’ve put it into a menu system here similar to what you get in a website where you have drop down menus. What’s really cool about this is if you’re someone who’s involved with a lot of organisations, it finds them all which means you can have workspaces and apps from many different organisations in this menu structure.

And that saves me a huge amount of time because I’ve got a lot of things in one organisation and I’ve got a lot of things in my smrtPhone organisation and I’ve got a few other places I need to do. And the fact that I can have it all in one menu is superb. So I’ve now configured this, and this is again, this is the the this is the kind of key bit of better super menu that this menu element. So how am I going to get this actually being used in Podio, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go and there is a better super menu, Google extension. Here it is Super Menu, boom. And I’m simply going to add it to my Chrome extension. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and pin that as well, because I find it very useful to pin the extensions that I use a lot. So I’ve now got the extension here. And what I’m going to do is I’m just going to go back to Podio, I’m going to do a hard refresh.

Now that I’ve installed the Chrome extension, I’ve set up my menu system here, when I hit that centre logo of Citrix, my menu pops up. I mean, I can’t tell you what a time saver it is. To be able to just go, oh, I need to find an app, I need to go to that app merge tag. So I’m right there. Oh, I need to go back up here to my contacts app. Boom, it is an incredibly useful feature.

Now there is another amazing feature in better super menu. I want to overview in this video. And that is you can see this, if you click on the grow the Chrome extension, there’s some options. You can check in some of these you know things like dig, they’re kind of more advanced, you need ProcFu, you need to be working in the ProcFu. And x extension to be using that. You can do things like live updating widgets means that those widgets you instal on the homepage will be refreshed automatically for you, you don’t have to refresh the page, you know, but the key thing for me is the Sheet button sheet view from better submenu is the second bit of why this extension ranks. Let me show you what that does. So I’m just gonna pop over to using my extension my tasks….

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… And you see here I’ve got overdue here, I’ve got a blue overdue the current list list right? I’m gonna go ahead and open this with sheet view. Now, in order to open with sheet view, you need to be on one of these blue views, not the little grey ones underneath the sub views where you’re splitting it out. But the blue one, so a current week’s tasks if we had one, or the overdue with 42. And once I’m on one of these views, I simply go ahead. And because I’ve installed the Chrome extension, I click sheet, and what this is going to do is it’s going to bring me up a sheet view of this app, now I can change the columns viewed that are being viewed see that they mirror the columns from Podio, or mirroring. In my view, if I had more columns, I’d see more of them. The case of this, I don’t really need to do that. The key about sheet view is it solves one of the big problems of Podio table view. One thing you can’t do in Podio table view is edit the information when it looks like this, right? Like we’re used to doing an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve got this sheet view here, oh, I want to just change this. I want to set this one overdue I can’t, I got to open up and click right. That’s okay. We use it all the time. But what if I want to set all these to open and change the date for all these, there’s no way inside of Podio with an extension, you can do it sheet view, it’s super easy. I simply go ahead. I double click I’ve got my options here. If it’s a Category field, in this sense, I go open. And then just like with Excel, I grabbed the corner that I dragged down, you see pending updates. It’s counting down the ones it’s doing. So one of the limitations of this sort of extension is it does have to work through the Podio API. So it’s sort of you got to wait until it finishes its updates. Now let’s say I also want to go ahead and reassign these ones from Maria to assign force robot. I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to drag Maria that assign force robot that and again, it’s gonna see there, it’s pending. It’s, it’s updating these items, I’m able to essentially go ahead and modify any of these cells and have it saved directly into Podio. So if I close this out now and I refresh or using Podio with call rail, there’s a better way, click the link, find out why hundreds of businesses have moved over to using smartphone, the only phone system built for Podio. Make more calls, send more texts and close more deals,

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I should now have a bunch of open ones that are now assigned force robot, right. And that is the absolute genius of sheet view. So putting those two things together, setting aside you’ve got other things like be, you know, putting in better text editing into, into multi text fields and, and expanding the app descriptions, you can dig into those things. And maybe I’ll do another video. But the two things that make this extension in my view, completely indispensable are this menu here, which was to jump around Podio with a click. And the ability to open up any app is a table view in any app into a sheet view where you can edit in line, you can drag and do multiple edits, just like you can excel that makes this unbelievable. Okay, so I’ve shown you the two most important parts of better super menu and how easy they are to get up and running. How am I going to rate better super menu based on the four rating categories that I outlined at the start of this video? Well, how useful is it Come on, that’s got to be an A, right? I use this extension all the time, every day, I’m using that boat Podio better submenu that menu bit every day, she few I probably use it most days. But when I do use it, it makes my life so much easier. So I’m giving it as an A for how useful it is. How easy to set up when you saw it. Login with Podio select the workspace it’s like the apps installed the Chrome extension. It takes minutes to set up and anyone can you do it. Gonna get that in there as well. How easy to use. Again, I suppose you could say some of the, you know the more advanced features in Digg or you no more advanced to use. But if you’re using proc foo, you’re doing that anyway, for my money, the ease of use on this is incredibly easy. Once you set it up, you never have to do anything other than click sheet view, click the menu and use those basic functions. I’m going to give this an A as well and value for money. It’s free. What do you want, it’s free. So who knows maybe in the future, it won’t be free, in which case we may have to do another review on this and change the rating. But I mean, it’s free and it’s this useful that I use it every single day. I’m gonna give it an A plus on that. So right out of the gate, I’m saying that if you use Podio you will find that the better super menu is a phenomenal tool that really you should be encouraging every single one of your team to be installing it will make their Podio lives so much better. If you enjoyed this video, if it helped you at all, please do put a comment in. Hit the subscribe button to make sure you’re notified for any other of our YouTube videos. Make sure you listen to the podcast head over to Apple podcasts or wherever else you listen to your podcasts and give us a review. Give us a like, share it around. Right the more we tell people about the amazing things about Podio the better. Thanks very much.

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