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In this Supercharged! Masterclass Podio Extension In this Supercharged! Masterclass Extension Review Jordan dives into’ Sync tool. This superb extension can be a real life saver with it’s amazing real-time backup of (literally) everything in your Podio System.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to set up Sync with your Podio system – What type of data is backed up with Sync and how it works
  • The difference between the Starter & Business plans and why you may want to get the Business plan
  • How Sync can automate your GDPR data privacy deletion settings

Jordan’s Podio Extension Ratings:

How useful is it? A
How easy is it to setup? A
How easy is it to use? A
Value for money? A-


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You’re watching another supercharged masterclass with Jordan Samuel Fleming your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Podio design and development from one of the top Podio partners in the world.

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Hey everybody, it’s Jordan Fleming here with another supercharged masterclass. Now, today, I’m actually going to be doing another extension review. The amazing extensions that we have built for Podio by partners all over the world doesn’t get enough love. And this is another video where I dive in and review an extension. In particular, I’m going to dive in and review’s Sync tool, which is one of the extensions built for Podio that helps you backup your data. But as you will learn in this video and in subsequent videos on sync, it does a whole lot more as well. Why would you want to backup Podio? I mean, come on at Citrix. The service can do anything, right? Well, what happens when someone in your organisation who you probably shouldn’t have given access to goes and deletes an app that holds 15,000 records and and three years of your data, what happens then, Citrix won’t be able to help you, the best thing you can do is have a really good backup for your system. Today, let’s dive in and take a look at sync.

Let’s dive into sync. Very easy to access, just go to and click the Get Started or the Login button. Now if you’ve never logged in before, you’re going to need to create account and all you have to do is click up here to sign up or simply authorise with Podio. Either way it’s going to, it’s going to start the process for you. Now I’ve already done this once, so it’s going to bring me right in, but it’s probably going to ask you for a password. If you do that. Now you have three tools here at the moment that you can have access to, we’re going to concentrate today on sync, which is the backup and protect your data, click the Get Started button. And you can see that currently we’ve got Podio. And we’ve already connected to it. But if you haven’t again, if you didn’t do that Podio bit you will be authorising here.

And now when you first set up, you are going to have to select from a series of plans. Now, I would recommend, at the minimum the $60 a month plan, I’ll tell you why. The reason I recommend that plan over the basic one is that it comes with file Haven, which is a way of backing up every single file you’ve ever uploaded to Podio as well. So if you don’t have any files in Podio, you don’t really use it for that you never have anything, then okay, that’s fine. But if you do, it is unbelievable to have every single file backed up as well, it just it makes sure that it is completely backed up.

So very simple system actually, in order to sync you can come here to the dashboard. And you can see that here I am logged in and I’m going to have to sync an organisation and you pay a per organisation with this, you can take a look at the pricing plans and see what comes involved in this. But today we’re just gonna focus on some basic tasks, ie, how to backup my data. And all I got to do is come here and simply click sinking organisation. Now, I’ve only got a few of them. So I will select the one I want to start with.

And here we go, here are the plans. So let’s just go through these. We’ve got starter business enterprise, blah, blah, blah, goes all the way up. Now. Again, part of this involves being able to backup many different organisations. So if you’re a Podio partner, for instance, then being able to potentially backup a lot of your company, your customer data is great. But the real difference between these two plans is the ability to to use File havens. So if you look here, you see files, it’s there. I really think that that’s worth if you have files in Podio. That’s worth it right there…

are using Podio with call rail? There’s a better way, click the link find out why hundreds of businesses have moved over to using smrtPhone, the only phone system built for Podio. Make more calls, send more texts and close more deals. Click link. So let me just get this activated,

…and then we’ll go back with in with how to set up your organisation. Okay, so I have just successfully paid my money, and I’m now subscribed to the startup plan. First of this for the purpose of this video. I’m just going to show you the basic backup system. And then we’ll do In other videos looking at the more complex things. Okay, so now I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to sync an organisation. And you can see it has started.

So there’s a couple of reasons why I really love this tool. First of all, what this tool does is it drops into the organisation that you’ve selected, add an instals web hooks at the app level, and at the workspace level, and it essentially catches every single thing that goes on in your system and backs it up. That means not just the basics of Podio apps and items and all that. But you’re talking about comments, you’re talking about activities, screen elements, you know, posts on the activity screen, basically, every single part of your Podio system is now going to be fully backed up. And should the worst happen and you accidentally delete a main an app or something or workspace, you can roll it back really, really simply.

And to me, right, you know, forget about the other videos we’re going to do around sync, which show more advanced functionality, right there. That’s incredibly important, right. And if you’re talking about files at $60 a month, you get everything in your Podio system 100% immediately backed up, not backed up once a day, when something happens, it backs it up. That is an incredible part of sync. You can see here, as I said, I’m not going to you know, this is the first video just as a overall kind of look into sync as a backup tool. And, look, it’s very simple, it shows me all the information and then it starts to build up and sync all my data. And as things go on and on. And if I do multiple organisations, I can look through them, I can do a bunch of things.

Now I’m going to show a couple other little features that I think are really cool. In this kind of first review. One is you’ve got things like you can, of course, manually trigger the sink, but one is you got these GDPR set a so if you are dealing with any sort of European customers, you’re gonna have heard about GDPR, it is a massive pain in the ass, quite honestly. But one of the things you have to do as part of GDPR, is you have to enable the opportunity to delete data after a certain period of time for privacy point of view. And so what sync does really great is it gives you this option of simply choosing, like do you want, how far long after you’ve deleted the data in Podio? Do you want us to delete it from our backup, right? And that’s really, really very, very good. If you’re dealing with European organisation, it’s a must have. Because right there, you’ll be able to comply with some of the GDPR information like that, right. And so that is a really cool little feature of this. Y

ou’ve also, of course, you’ve got massive, you know, more advanced features that go into sync. And I’m going to do videos on those more advanced features. But for a general tool that takes everything and backs it up, and gives you the options of controlling your data very easily. I mean, you can’t really fault how easy that is you literally login, authenticate with Podio. Pick your organisation, and there I’m synced, like I’m done. And as I continue to add new things, it’s going to sync immediately. Right. And that’s to me one of the great things about the sync tool.

Okay, so we’ve seen how great is and how those basic features of backing up your system, your Podio system and working with the GDPR settings are but what are we going to do as a rating a supercharged extension review rating?

So first of all, how useful is it, I’m gonna give it an A solid eight, because backing up your system is an incredibly important thing. And everybody should be doing it and not enough people do. Make sure that if that person goes ahead and deletes an app with five years of data, you can get it back.

Number two, how easy is it to set up again, I’m gonna give it an A, you literally have to authenticate with Podio and pay and choose your organisation. And it’s done. And you don’t have to worry about things like setting up hooks. It does it all for you.

How easy is it to use again, I’m gonna give it a solid A here, you know at this level when all we’re talking about is backing up your data. Really, you can’t go wrong. You clicked and you sink your organisation When we get into more advanced videos doing some more advanced things, that may change a little, but to be honest, you’re doing more advanced things, and it’s going to be more complex.

And finally value for money. I’m gonna give it an A-. And the only reason being is I would have loved to have seen the file management, the file Haven being in the base price as well. I do understand why it isn’t, because there’s a lot of storage space that goes on when you’re talking about start files. And if you’re an organisation, that type of files, you’re going to be hammering that pretty hard. But look, let’s be honest, weigh up the cost of losing all your data with the cost of a modest monthly fee to back it all up.

I really don’t think there’s any question Is there it’s an incredibly important thing to do to backup your system and that Sync tool. What I love about it most of all, is that it installs hooks to grab data right away, it grabs everything, and it grabs it immediately. And that’s a phenomenal value for money there.

So make sure you go over click the link and try’s Sync yourself.

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