Kelsey Kleiman
Stomping Ground Photo and Good Job

Episode Summary

In today’s episode we speak with Kelsey Kleiman, CEO and co-Founder at Stomping Ground Photo and Good Job.

This is a treat of a conversation as it shows just how much you can achieve in your Podio system if you dive in and get your hands dirty. Kelsey talks about finding Podio, about diving in and building their first system and about how they slowly brought in almost every element of their business into Podio.

We also take a look at some recent work they have done with Gamechangers where we dynamically create landing pages for their customers based on automations and data from Podio – something Kelsey has wanted to do but never knew how.

We had a great time listening to Kelsey on how she has approached everything, and how much of an impact Podio has had on their business!

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