Jonathan Harper,
CEO Future Foundations
(photo bombed by Pete Cuff)

Episode Summary

In this extra episode we’re joined by Jonathan Harper, CEO of Future Foundations, an independent organisation that has delivered pioneering training programmes to over 10,000 young people between the ages of 8 and 24 since 2004.

Jon and Jordan dive into how both of their organisations has changed over the years to embrace remote working and how Podio is a powerful force to assist this change. In light of the current Corona Virus challenge facing businesses, this episode was done to try to give some help to businesses who may be looking at remote working for the first time.

Show Links:

To see more of the amazing work Future Foundations does, check out their website:

To contact their sister organisation (and Podio Partner) Future Solutions:

To listen to the Podcast with Pete Cuff from Future Solutions:


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