Damien Ruggieri
REI Solutions

Episode Summary

In this great episode our friend Damien from REI Solutions drops by to talk about his REI Podio system, the life of a wholesaler and how to focus on what makes you money.

This is a great insight into the day to day life of a wholesaler and how important it is to focus your efforts to where they can have the most impact.

Damien also talks about how he developed his REI Solutions Podio System, and his approach to customization and integration.

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Narrator: 1:12

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Jordan Fleming: 1:56

Hey, everybody, and welcome to this episode of supercharged! I’m your host Jordan Samuel Fleming, here to talk all about the power of workflow and automation, when your business is powered by podio. This guest is Damien Ruggieri, from Rei solutions. fantastic to have him on this great opportunity to hear a bit more about his product and his experience in podio. Damien, welcome to the podcast, why don’t you introduce yourself?

Damien: 2:24

Hey, yeah, thanks. Thanks for having me. So I’ve been doing the podio and real estate game for a little bit now grew up with an investing family, my parents are actually investors, and then that kind of sparked me to to jump into the arena. And I did some wholesaling myself and got started using some other CRMs will leave them nameless, but ended up with podio as, as most serious investors do, and really liked it, the ability to customise it to, you know, whatever it is that you really want to do, and then just kind of took off from there as far as making my own setups, and, and really getting involved with how we could better automate things and make our systems run themselves essentially.

Jordan Fleming: 3:19

So when you were, you know, from a podio platform, obviously, podio is a platform, which has a number of different Rei solutions and different opportunities on it. Were you kind of approaching this as an investor first and then deciding to scale or, you know, did you just immediately see the opportunity and think about your platform? So

Damien: 3:42

it was the latter. So I, I approached this in the beginning as just an investor I got involved, I actually purchased a product through another CRM company, and you know, wasn’t overly impressed. I love podio but just wasn’t impressed with what I could get out of the system, I knew it could do more. And as my wholesaling business really started to scale, I wasn’t able to kind of keep things in line and keep them in track. So that really is what sparked me to do the systems that I do now, and from there, I just saw the opportunity the you know, I shared it with a couple of friends, other wholesalers and they really loved it, it helped them out. And that’s kind of what kicked it off for me to start doing this on a on a larger scale.

Jordan Fleming: 4:33

And I mean, you so you started out primarily as a wholesaler so is your system it focused on wholesaling exclusively or do you cater for some of the other different investment models.

Damien: 4:47

So for for like our main package, the deal pro package, it is extremely wholesaler intensive, it’s that’s what it’s designed around. But you know also do custom setups for people as kind of another aspect, another branch of it, it’s not the same as the main system that we offer. But we’re able to develop things for people that primarily do buy and hold, you know, fix and flips, that kind of stuff, which is not the same, as I’m sure you’re aware of, you’re just doing the regular wholesale gambit. So we do offer a range of a little bit of everything. But our deal pro system is for wholesaling. So the

Jordan Fleming: 5:31

other, you know, if you’re looking to expand your system, then that’s more like a custom, your ability to kind of custom build some, some other modules or other other elements, and connect it maybe to the, the deal pro model that you’ve got, so that they For instance, if they’re going to do buy and holds, you may want to have a property management type module, where they can track tenants and rents and things like that, or if they’re doing a lot of rehabbing you may have a module where they’re able to, you know, put scopes of work together and and deal with the project matches that said, like, I’m not a real estate guy, but at this point, I think I’ve got, I think I probably could be if I did, right, at this point.

Damien: 6:18

That, yeah, you nailed it right there. And that’s a lot of times, what we’ll end up doing is we’ll have clients reach out and you know, say, hey, love your system, but I’m doing this, can you make it? Can we do we want that, but can we also, you know, use your system, you know, and then we’ll do a you know, kind of a sync meeting with them map it all out, we draw out the diagrams. And from there, that’s where we’re able to incorporate the different aspects, like you’re saying into into the system from amortisation tables to, you know, just doing the contractor bids, phone draws, you know, integrating with QuickBooks, or DocuSign, all those kinds of things, we put those in play for different investors, and everything, everything is scalable with with the system.

Jordan Fleming: 7:08

Sure, so sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. And that actually, you know, cuz I, I’ve been thinking about, I speak to so many real estate people, and I speak to, you know, some of the other platforms, and we all, you know, there’s a lot of platforms out there, some of them are great, down to probably ones that aren’t great. And I think everybody can have their big, but everybody will have their opinion on what’s, what’s great, and what’s not. And everybody has their ideas about about the best methodology to do something. And that’s, that’s fair, but one of the things that podio, you know, I think you hit it on the nail, the nail on the head there, one of the things that podio provides you is that ability, you know, to say, Okay, here’s our system, but if you need it to do this bit over here, we can do that, and doing that when you you know, we build web software as well. And I mean, like, for instance, I, as you know, I, I’m one of the founders of smrtPhone, well, you can’t customise smrtPhone nearly as easily as you can customise podio, right, like, that is a whole different game. And that really applies to your model, that ability to sort of say, here’s the base then, but whatever it is that you want to kind of scale up and do, I can probably do for you. Is that how you approach it?

Damien: 8:26

Exactly, yeah, I’m very, I’m very hands on. You know, I know a lot of a lot of companies out there, you know, once they get to them, that certain spot, they don’t want to be involved in the design and development. I love podio I love designing with it. I love seeing how other people manage their business and in helping them you know, scale and streamline their processes, you know, we’ll go into a workspace and they’ve got, you know, 20-30 apps that can really be shrunk down and be more usable, user friendly. There’s not so many places you have to go to do certain things. And you know, it just, to me it that’s what it’s about making the product work for you as, as the business owner, you know, yeah, I’m gonna push my product, hey, this is what I want to sell you. But if you need something else, hey, I’m gonna do it. Because at the end of the day, you got to have a system that works for you.

Jordan Fleming: 9:20

Absolutely. Well, and let’s let’s kind of let’s, let’s strip this back a little in the sense of, you know, if you given the you know, you you come your background you did a lot wholesaling, etc. I always find that, you know, I know that people who listen to this podcast, a lot of people will have found this podcast, because they’re just starting in podio. Or they’re just thinking about it or they’re, you know, so they’re searching for things, and they found the podcast, and and so, you know, I always like to delve back a step and say, Okay, forget the technical bits of podio for a minute. If I’m a if I’m a new wholesaler, not an experienced one, a new wholesaler, then you know, you’ve got programmes out there, you’ve got knowledge coming out your Wazoo. You can buy masterminds and this and it’s like, right, it’s like a cottage industry. But take, take me through what you think, the most critical things, someone who’s just entering the game should be thinking about a, and how your system may help them, think about them and act on them. Okay,

Damien: 10:33

yeah, so and that’s a great point, for, you know, for the new wholesaler out there, the new investor, there’s all those shiny objects, all the Guru’s get this, get that, you know, sign up today. And it you know, at the end of the day, I, you know, when I started, I closed my first deals on a pad and pen, you know, I didn’t have a fancy CRM and all that kind of stuff. But it did get hard to keep track of things. And what you need really, is a way to manage your leads. And a way to follow up with those leads consistently, because in the real estate game, it’s all about the follow up. And the way that my system will, will cover that for you is we have probably the best automated drip sequence out there from sending, you know, text messages, RVM emails, all that stuff is fully automated and can it can be any time range that you want. So the lead comes in, it’s a cold lead, and you just drop it on the campaign, and every week, they’re gonna get a text call and RVM you know, an email from you staying in touch. And those campaigns can go, you know, as long as you want them to go, because we have a feature where just auto extend, so it runs through, you have one campaign sequence, you know, like, you know, first seven days of discovery, when new lead comes in, well, they don’t respond to you, well, we’re just going to go ahead and kick it to the next sequence, and it will just keep rolling like that. And you’ll get most of your deals in real estate from a follow up. You know, I don’t know too many investors that say, hey, this person called me and I got the deal the same day, it just doesn’t happen. Right. And so and, and this is just, our system is a great way to categorise your leads, and then just keep them on a continuous follow up sequence, where you just set it, you got your podio views, and you know who’s on follow up, who’s active lead, you know, who you need to be in contact with that day, get reminders for your appointments, your follow ups, all that kind of stuff. So that, to me, that’s the big thing that sets us apart is the ability to stay in touch consistently with your leads.

Jordan Fleming: 12:54

Absolutely,absolutely. And, and that’s that, that’s a common, you know, that’s something I hear a lot and, and I think, you know, probably one of those things that, uh, you know, you put you put it the shiny keys, I, I, my experience of wholesale is ranges from the absolutely, phenomenally irritating to the, you know, open basically. Okay, but but i but i, and I’m joking, but I mean, there is a sort of tendency in that in that game, particularly wholesale. And I think that, you know, it’s like, yeah, I gotta run fast, I gotta run fast, he’s gonna do this, I’m gonna do 500 things at once, and I’m not gonna follow up and be, I’m just gonna keep pressing buttons and keep doing things. And the truth is, as you’ve pointed out, it’s the follow up in the consistent application, where you’re going to be able to build a business, not just right, make a win occasionally, right? And that’s what we’re looking for. And that’s what a system like yours and podio should be there to help you do.

Damien: 13:56

Exactly, exactly. And that, you know, hitting the nail on the head is,you know, a lot of the the YouTube, I got, you know, the YouTube gurus out there, flashing the shiny checks, you know, 5, 10 $20,000 I did this in a day or something like that, it just, if you’ve been wholesaling for any amount of time, you know, it just doesn’t happen like that. You got to follow up, you’ve got to have a system in place, you got to be able to know where your leads are at, you know, what your team members are doing. And just just trying to, like you’re saying the big business model, you need to focus on those things to grow as a wholesaler to eventually move past that wholesaling phase and get into, you know, more buy and hold investments, the long term generational wealth building game. So nobody wants to be a wholesaler for life that I know of. It’s so it’s, it’s just another great tool for your toolbox. podio is an amazing platform and it’s just so powerful so customizable and that’s what we’ve tried to do with the system is just make it try to cover all those aspects for the beginning wholesaler as well as, you know, the season vet that is using it that they everybody can get the most effective use of their time in management with it. Without wonder, how does it work? You know?

Jordan Fleming: 15:22

Absolutely. And, you know, you mentioned that the drip sequences and you know, the the different channels that you work with. I’m also curious you know, inbound and tracking, you know, marketing and, and, and marketing efforts are obviously key. And a new wholesaler is going to gonna, I’m sure be looking and trying to figure out which marketing channels and methods work. So, in terms of you know, what I view it usually is there’s what I would classify as, as passively generation and actively lead prospecting and passively generation is your Facebook pages, your webs, you know, where people have to contact you. And of course, you’re spending money to generate that. And then the active ones are, you know, you are you’re buying a list or you’re, you know, you’re calling you’re calling you’re sending postcards or whatever. In terms of the inbound. Do you guys link up with specific systems? Do you? How can you help them facilitate that inbound marketing? What what how does it work with your system?

Damien: 16:32

Yeah, definitely. So we offer a lot of, you know, out of the box integrations with XenCall, call tools, batch leads is a huge one. Everybody loves batch leads, you know, lead Sherpa, all those Facebook marketing, Google PPC, we’re able to incorporate all those things seamlessly with the system, and it’s just just a matter of, you know, you telling us what, hey, we want to we’re also doing Facebook ads we’re doing you know, we we’ve got batch leads, we want to hook that up. We want to hook up our Xen call dialer, can you can you do that? Definitely we can. And those are, it’s all so easy to add with podio and to still be seamless and, and the system still functions just as smooth, as before you add any of those things on because I know, a lot of times people will get a certain add on and then it’s like, oh, man now. Now I don’t know what’s happening because I’ve given all these notifications about something else. And we are able to link up with pretty much anything out there that’s got an API, or at least an email interface for us to make up words.

Jordan Fleming: 17:44

Sure, so so where if a system doesn’t have an API, then you may be using an email to App functionality to bring that data in and then and then do some sort of a push to their live system? Correct? Yep. Um, and, you know, you mentioned batch leads, I think there’s a, there’s a tremendous amount of, of flux in the industry right now around what is there what is legal, what is actionable way, you know, etc. And, and, and so that’s good. And that will continue to inform how people are able to market without, you know, fear. Talk to me a bit about, you know, where you’ve got Facebook, or SEO or carrot websites or anything like that? How do you how do you do that in a way that’s going to get leads in and keep their databases clean as possible, because, you know, you could have, you can easily have someone, send in a form, and then send them another one, and then send an another one last thing you would do is start cutting up your database. So what what’s your approach to that or your feelings with that? So,

Damien: 19:02

yeah, that’s a that’s a good point duplicates, right? We don’t want just a bunch of, you know, especially with Google bots, you know, sending it all the, you know, the pay per click stuff, which has gotten pretty bad lately in the industry. We’re, we’re a, we work with carrot a lot and do integrations with them. And what we what we like to do is, is push those into a separate area, where we’re able to catch all those leads, and then we just have a filter button. So hey, if you look at that, and it’s clearly spam, you just mark it spam, clears it from your system. It’s not over there cluttering up your main leads app where you’re actually you know, working the leads, you know, because like you said, someone could go on submit 10 forms on carrier just to be a pain in your butt. So they

Jordan Fleming: 19:53

just because, I mean, I’ve found you know, you’ve got several new baby in, you know, who may be in this They may not, they may be older, they sort of are submitting a form and then this they forgot their submit, or they, they’re flustered and they submit and otherwise, you know, and trying to keep an eye out my view is I, and I preach all the time, you know, you want to try and keep the database as clean as possible and not pretend. What’s the point of saying showing you about 10,000? leads? Right?

Damien: 20:24

If 999,000, right,

Jordan Fleming: 20:26

yeah, if you if you’ve got 180 actual leads, right? And 9000 shit? How 9000 shit because you’re just fooling yourself into thinking you’re busy. Exactly. Yeah, no, no question, What? And what is your feeling? I mean, you know, again, take this back to someone who’s maybe newer first. And looking at this, you know, balancing learning a system using a system and developing the marketing, just as, forget about system per second, how do you find that as a wholesaler? As someone who understands what it’s like to start? What would your advice be?

Damien: 21:10

So, you know, and that’s, that’s a great question. My, my advice on that would be, don’t spend your day doing things that aren’t generating money. So if you’re spending your day trying to, you know, learn, yeah, hey, let me see what kind of cool things I can make this do or that, right. That’s not that’s not generating leads, it’s not generating money. You need to focus on the things that you’re good at, which is wholesaling a property or learning how to wholesale a property. And you shouldn’t be wasting your time. You shouldn’t have a CRM or any system, you know, that takes up so much of your time and effort, that you’re not out there generating money every day, that’s what you should be focused on. How am I going to generate money today? How am I going to generate some sort of income today from a lead? How can I get the next lead the next appointment the next contract? Not? What is my CRM doing? How do I, what am I supposed to do? Where did that lead, go? You know, all that kind of stuff. So that’s, that’s what I would say would be the big, the big piece to take away for a new wholesaler is to focus on the right things and not the shiny objects. Because there’s a lot of shiny objects out there. Well, and

Jordan Fleming: 22:23

you can, and you can often fool yourself into thinking you’re being productive. being busy is not the same as being productive. And that, you know, whether that is in this context, you know, spending all day dicking about with a system to customise and create wicked spreadsheets are wicked report ideas. And you spend a whole day thinking, look at all this great information I have, yeah, but you don’t have any leads. So what’s the matter?

Damien: 22:51

at all? Yeah, you just have all junk testing data, you don’t have any real data, go get some real quantifiable data, and then, you know, then you can develop those other processes and system things that you would like, but you should start out with a system that is ready to go so that you can focus on what you know, what you need to be focused on, which is out there generating leads. So

Jordan Fleming: 23:18

I think that’s so true. And it’s funny, I think it just makes me remind, it takes me back to when I first started in business. And now, at this point, that’s a while back, comparatively, that I can’t believe actually how long it is. But I remember when I first started my first business, I, you know, you’d meet people, and you get business cards, and you’d and you put them you know, and you sit and you’d and everyone was a lead and everybody you know, and every, every time they said oh, I’ve got someone may need your services, you’re like, Oh my god, I got another lead. Yeah. And the truth is, of course, you learn very quickly in less or you die, your business dies, that actually qualifying things and focusing your effort on what is qualified. And, and what is really, an opportunity is going to make you money and build a business chasing down nonsense is going to make you feel busy. And and and hungry because you can eat

Damien: 24:19

right, busy and broke. So I agree with that. 100% and that’s, it’s, it’s very, it’s so very true that, you know, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, you know, firstly got the business cards, pass them out. Yeah, I got the leads is great. But at the end of the day, you know, essentially you’re spinning your wheels because you’re not focusing on the right directions. And, and canvassing those real opportunities, those real prospects that you should be, you know, really engaged with versus just trying to spread yourself out to everybody and everyone that you know, throws you a crumb. So, that that’s very true.

Jordan Fleming: 25:02

Yeah, no, it’s it’s and I, the more I learned about real estate investing in, the more I, you know, I sort of that every business is the same, every small business is the same, it all runs off of cash. And like, you got to make the money, you got to have it in your pocket to pay things. And you got to focus your efforts and your attention on where they need to be. And, and I think, you know, your systems like what you’re describing, and of course, to those listening, I will put a link to the REI solutions website. So you can check out, you know, damien’s system, so that you can, you know, contact him directly? Of course, I will. I will also say that, of course, um, it integrates well with smrtPhone. And he’s done a lot of those. So that there’s, you know, I have to say that don’t I am, it integrates Well, with that. So there’s lots of opportunities, and I’ll make sure that those links go in to the podcast. In terms of, you know, other sort of, or, I suppose what I want to say is integrations, eSignature is a good example. Right? Rightsignature is a good example. And DocuSign, and all those, um, you know, I see, I’ve forever seen people who are, who are on the DocuSign real estate package, and then don’t realise that when you switch over to the API version, or you don’t, yeah, your cost structure is gonna change. Yes. How do you approach e signatures in as a standard? And I mean, I know you can do anything, but what’s your preferred approach?

Damien: 26:44

So our our standard package comes with, because we’re kind of geared toward making things easy for people and easy to understand and not them, and people not having these huge monthly costs, we go with the rightsignature out of the gate, because, you know, it’s it’s easy to integrate, you know, Citrix product, it goes very well with podio. And then, as you said, people are unaware, that’s just because, you know, I get that question, Well, hey, I already have DocuSign, you know, can I just use it? No, you mean if you want to just generate a contract, and you know, download it, and then put it in there? Sure. But once you switch over to that API platform, you also have to pay for their API tiers, and the number of envelopes you’re going to send a month, you know, and so that’s the other big piece. You know, in my, in my facebook group, you know, I’ve got a lot of people that always ask that, hey, you know, what, what do you want to integrate? DocuSign? You know, is it worth it? Unless you’re closing, you know, five or more deals consistently a month, you don’t need DocuSign in your podio? And, you know, I don’t I don’t say that, to lose business on DocuSign integration, but it just the cost factor, you can justify it if you’re doing one deal a month, that just doesn’t make it doesn’t make sense. And as a, as a business owner, you know, it just you have to do the things that, again, generate money. And just because everybody else is using DocuSign doesn’t mean you can’t use right signature for 12 bucks a month. You know, so that’s

Jordan Fleming: 28:23

what we we and we I mean, I must admit in our because I I my two hats are Gamechangers and smrtPhone. Obviously smrtPhone, we know what that is. It is simply the best phone system for podio out there. I’m gonna say that. Knowing that it’s me saying that, but my Gamechangers had is obviously a podio consultancy that we’ve been building podio for 9-10 years. And and when we do a wholesale systems, which we do a lot of them. And we we always integrate right signature. And but we never integrate, we always do it at the API level, because we never use right signature templates,

Damien: 28:59

right? Because why would you write exactly? Because then you’re locked in to that, you know, well, way I want to change this, sorry, use this template. And that’s it only. That’s what’s on the template. So that’s what you can use, especially once it’s integrated with podio. Because then you’re well, now you got to change the template, then you got to change the fields in podio. And there’s

Jordan Fleming: 29:21

no just changing one thing. You could do that you could justify it by No, no, no, no, you want to wipe it out and start again, my friend.

Damien: 29:32

Yes. Yeah, just yet. Yep, I totally get it. And that’s the same for the rightsignature path. You know, the API, there is a lot. It’s a lot better to use the API with with rightsignature too, because you have a few more options versus, you know, just the basic globiflow integration, where it’s send and receive, you know, at least we can void and edit and all that kind of stuff. But yeah, like you said templates, not the Way to go. And even with some of the other esignature platforms, Panda Doc, Adobe sign, you’re still looking at templates there when integrating with podio. So you really have to decide what it is that you’re wanting to do. because like you said, If you want to change, you know, you change your contract, does your app match your contract? Now you got a new template in there. So you want to make sure that you’re doing the things that make sense and that you’re not going to be flip flopping around. Every week, every month, something new, you know. So I agree with that rightsignature is, it’s a, it’s an, is the easy way to go in the beginning. And then once you get everything established, then you start looking at, you know, DocuSign, Adobe sign Panda Doc, all those other e signature platforms out there.

Jordan Fleming: 30:51

Cool. Well, I think, you know, fantastic opportunity for people to, you know, particularly those who are starting out one final little question I have or opportunity for you to, to give us a bit of information. If I’m a more advanced wholesaler, or, you know, and I’m say, working in multiple markets, are you able to manage that relatively easily in your system? Is it is it easy to automate, slash, track, manage, etc.

Damien: 31:22

Definitely, definitely. And that’s, and again, it’s, it’s all in what the user the client would want to do. But we have a KPIs app, where you’re able to put in your marketing campaigns, select where it’s at, you know, and then you’ve got your smrtphone caller numbers, you know, whatever, whatever number it is you’re using for that tracking. And that’s going to come in and automatically tag that. So you know which market you’re in. And, again, we we do that all the time build off of our existing system, we build custom systems for that where people are in, they don’t want their acquisitions, guys to see anything that’s going on with the lead generation, you know, they just, it just just work to do get the contractor. All right, well, we got to put them over here, then it’s irritating, isn’t there?

Jordan Fleming: 32:12

Let’s not be let’s be honest, it is irritating when people do that. Yeah, I want

Damien: 32:18

17, workspaces free.

Jordan Fleming: 32:23

I, I’ve swung around on this back and forth, and back and forth. And, and sometimes I get it, and we’ve got a couple customers of ours that do it. And, and we and I get why they’re doing it. And it makes sense. But the truth is, our default position is just for fucksakes, just put

Damien: 32:42

it all in one workspace is put in use podio views US team members to assign to certain things, if you don’t trust your team members enough to be they’re not good team members or not, you probably need to hire somebody else. So that’s a you know, that that’s the way I view those things. But again, it’s it’s everything’s doable in podio, you want 10 workspaces, hey,

Jordan Fleming: 33:07

yeah, but that is a slippery slope. Everything is doable, which means like, holy shit, I’ve, I go back and forth, and I go back and forth. And I’ve been built, I don’t really build podio anymore. Although I did just kind of build our newest version of our wholesale system, I took the lead on that one. Mainly existing, I know the model the best. I couldn’t do any of the fucking cool shit that my team can do. But I can lay the app out, right and how and that’s actually half the battle. Sometimes it is, you know, blowin you want, right? Lean and you want, you know, but I have been fighting this battle for nine years of getting people to realise that just because you can do anything doesn’t mean you should

Damien: 33:57

I agree. And I do. I do stress that to people, when they come to me, hey, I want you know, this and this and this, like, Well, I mean, yeah, we can do that. But this is what’s you know, like, this is what you’re looking at, you know, only not only from a cost perspective, but also just from a management perspective to try to get that, you know, as the business owner trying to get an overview of your workspace now you’re when you’re in 10 different spaces and collecting the data and it just, you know, it just gets hectic in there, and then you get notifications going off everywhere. So it just, I agree with you it is a slippery slope. But some people they just they just want what they want.

Jordan Fleming: 34:35

I always try now to convince all of our custom clients. I always say let’s take it a phase at a time. Let’s start with a phase which isn’t ridiculous. And then once you’ve lived with his phase for a couple months, you will be able to give me informed information. I you know, decision making process around what you do want because you’ve tried it, right? Because you think, yep. Right? I

Damien: 35:03

saw I saw Bob’s CRM and oh, man, it does this, this and this, and it looks so cool. Hey, have you have you actually used Bob’s CRM? You know, this? Is it functional for you and your business? I get that. 100% Yeah, definitely. I try to encourage that to the phases. Hey, I want all this stuff. I want DocuSign with this, hey, let’s, let’s build you don’t have you don’t even have a workspace yet. Let’s tone it down. Let’s get some lead management’s and follow ups. And let’s see how that goes for you. Because I’m sure you’ve experienced that too. You’ve got the new person that’s brand new to podio. And you know, there’s no direction with podio you got a blank screen like,

Jordan Fleming: 35:41

Oh, what is a three month learning curve? Ii podio has a three month learning curve. And if you can get in my opinion, and if you can get a user over the three month you learning curve, they will fucking fly. Right? But you gotta get you got to get him out. You got to get away. Yeah, it’s funny. On this conversation, I was having a chat with a team, a great wholesaling customer of ours in Texas today. I, I love the guys and they really serious about the system. And but we were talking because we’re building them rolling out our KPI dashboard for them in the, you know, the really nice system that we’re rolling out that we roll out for most people. And now and we were laughing because they, you know, one of the guy’s was was was one of these guys who loves Excel. So well, so So we started the conversation on all these KPIs they may possibly want. And I brought it back to you know, why don’t we just roll that our standard ones, and you live with it and see. And he was he volunteered? You know, I think that’s right, because I spent weeks building this complicated dashboard and I look at two numbers. Right,

Damien: 36:55

there you go. That’s all right there. And same thing, we do those custom dashboards and I want this I need to know, I need to know how many seconds it took for me to pick up the phone. Like Come on, guys. Let’s Why don’t you use our standard one here real quick. Like you’re saying?

Jordan Fleming: 37:15

If you if you seriously feel like you’re lacking something? Will credit man.

Damien: 37:21

I agree. 100%.

Jordan Fleming: 37:24

Listen, Damien it’s been fantastic to learn bit more about your system. I it’s not one that I’ve poke around with myself. It’s not on that I’ve had a chance to pla with. But it’s great to hear yo know the story of how yo developed it’s great to hea your methods for it. And wha your you know, your approach t it. Of course, for everybod listening, I will be dropping i links to the podcast and on th website. On the homepage of th of the episode. I do encourag everyone to click through dro Damian on a line. So you ca talk to him directly. And I jus want to say thanks for much fo

Damien: 38:04

coming on the podcast. Awesome. Thank you for having me. It’s been great. And and yeah, look look forward to hear from from your listeners and and, you know, pushing it out there to him. Let him see what it’s all about.

Jordan Fleming: 38:18

Excellent. Well, guys, as always, please do remember to Like, Share, post it on social medias, share the episodes, get it across to people and give us review give us a rating. The more we can get the podcast out there, the more people can learn about podio Thank you very much everybody and have a great week.

Narrator: 38:38

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