Dan Kogan
CEO 1Digital Agency

Episode Summary

In this week’s awesome episode we welcome Dan Kogan, CEO at 1Digital Agency, a group of design innovators, development virtuosos, and digital marketing fanatics with a passion for eCommerce that runs deep. 1DigitalĀ® draws eCommerce talent from all over the country, providing diverse skills and problem-solving abilities devoted to putting together every piece of the eCommerce puzzle. 

This episode provides a great insight into the specific challenges of rapidly scaling a business, and shows in detail how Podio can make a huge impact. We bookend the discussion with Dan’s journey into Podio, his realisation of the power of workflow and automation, and the journey he made recently into fully automating and managing his company’s finances with Podio integrating directly to Quickbooks Online. 

This is a rare “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to scale one of the top eCommerce agencies in the country. Not to be missed!

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1Digital AgencyĀ – if you sell on the web, check out how 1Digital Agency can help you succeed.

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