Masterclass Summary:

In this Supercharged! Masterclass Jordan dives into a core part of what makes Podio so powerful: collaboration!

Specifically this masterclass looks at the best practices you can implement to your team on when to use Podio chat, when to use workspace posts and when to comment on a Podio item.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • The reasons why commenting on Podio items is such a powerful way to collaborate as it keeps the conversation in-line on the relevant item you’re talking about.
  • When it’s appropriate to use Podio chat to collaborate and communicate with colleagues
  • Why workspace posts should be kept to a minimum


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You’re watching another supercharged masterclass with Jordan, Samuel Fleming your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Podio design and development from one of the top Podio partners in the world. Hey, everybody,

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Jordan, Fleming here with another supercharged master class. Well, today I want to tackle something that I kind of set the law down every time I build a Podio system. And that is rules around, do I use Podio? Child? Do I do an activities? You know, activity screen post? Or do I add mentioned on a Podio? Item? What there are lots of ways of collaborating inside of Podio? When do I use each one as best practices? And how should I set the law down on my company, and all my users? Let’s head into Podio. And I’ll talk you through it.

All right, well, here we are in Podio. So there are three basic ways you can collaborate with your team inside of Podio. Number one, of course, you can go over here, and you can do a chat. Hey, Jordan, and we’ve got a chat, you can do this to an individual. Or you can of course, create a group chat. So I can go to Jordan and I could be new conversation, and I could add in someone else. And here, we now have a group chat between this user, the supercharged one, and Jordan and Agnieszka, so the chat works really well. And you can do group chats. But of course, it’s only visible to the people inside of that chat. And it can be quite distracting to have things pop up on your screen. Particularly. And I had this situation before, when I’m doing a demo to someone or I’m talking to someone, a client, a customer or a prospect, and someone sends me something, feel free in the chat and it pops up, and I have to explain it to that person.

So the chat is one thing, but it is not very shareable. It’s not very transparent. And it can be quite distracting. Now, the next way is you could on this workspace, I could add mention the whole workspace or specific people and write a post, right, so I could just go like this. Or if I pop over to this one, I can either add mentioned the whole demo workspace. Hello. And then everybody will get a map mentioned I can do my polls and questions and all that. Now, this is great and all, but of course, it disappears very quickly. It’s part of the activity screen. And as things happen, it’ll go get pushed down, and it suddenly becomes not visible at all. So there’s a real problem with that.

And then of course, the final way is, as you can imagine, just going over to an item. Let’s say I’m here and going over and going. Hey, you and there we go. I have now at mentioned something. So those are the three ways of doing it. Now what are my rules around it?

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Very simple, actually. First of all, the only time you would ever I believe you should ever use the this bit is when you are announcing something or it’s in a specific workspace for employee hubs. And you’re or you’re in a kind of communal forum workspace and you’re making an announcement with permission. Don’t be one of those people who goes to the Citrix PWA forum and decides to add mention the whole workspace. Everyone has shut you down. And it’s real shitty way of doing it. So really, in your own organisation is the only time you should do this. And it’s really for posts that are announcements but not critical. Because they disappear. So this is the one that I use the least.

And I recommend the least now of the other two, I have a very simple set of rules, if it is about something in our system, and then you should do your conversation on that item. Right. So here I am on this item. I want to go ahead and tell the Assign force robot to proceed. I’m going to do it on this actual item. Boom, boom, boom, it’s there. Why am I doing that? Number one, it’ll tell the person who gets the notification that I’ve mentioned them. It’ll let them link directly here number two, it keeps the conversation threaded on the item you’re talking about. That’s one of the reasons I hate slack is it’s just one long goddamn conversation, you have to scroll back to find the thing you’re talking about, well, this is contextual, you are having a conversation about this item about the thing that you are talking about, and you’re having it on the thing.

And so to me, if it’s about work, if it’s about a bit of work that we’re doing in our system, 100% at mentioning on the comments is the only way to go. And the only time I use chat is if it is a not really about work. I’m just chatting to someone and catching up to them telling them a rude joke or whatever. Or, you know, organising a quick, you know, saying, Hey, are you available at 5pm? Great, I’ll put it into the boat, you know, I’ll put it into the system. chats are really non critical business discussions. In my opinion, the chat functionality is great to check in, hey, can you meet next week, Hey, how’s gone, you blah, blah, blah, happy birthday, whatever it is. But if it’s business critical, if it’s part of your workflow, part of what you and your company delivers, the only way you should be communicating is with that app mentioning. And the comment feeds, it allows you so much more power? Well, there you have it. So I hope that made sense.

As I say the golden rule for me is if it’s about businesses about what we do as a company, you should be doing the conversation contextually on the item in Podio, you should be at mentioning there you should be putting notes in there. Because then it is contained. The history is there on the thing itself. That is where 98% of all of your conversation should go. Anytime you have a non kind of business element, and you just want to check in with your team. Absolutely. Podio chat is the way to go. And in terms of the activity screen, really, I never use it. I only use it if I’m maybe saying happy, Merry Christmas to the team. But what’s the point it disappears right away. People miss it very easily. And more importantly, the biggest thing about Podio is the contextual ability to look at an item and collaborate on it. So the rule should be in your organisation. Use those comments at mentioned. Do your conversations contextually on the items you’re working on.

Disagree agree. Want to pitch one argue head over to the YouTube channel. Subscribe there and of course check out the podcast on all your podcast platforms do give a like share a rating it does help spread the gospel of Podio if there’s anything you want me to talk about you want to disagree please head over to the website we are game Or the YouTube channel. Drop me a comment I’ll try and respond as quickly as possible. And if you are someone who needs a bit of help with your Podio and I no longer do Podio development, I’m no longer building Podio but I have a network of Podio partners I work with, you can head over to WWE our game dropping a request to be connected to partner within 24 hours I’ll review your request. I’ll connect you up with one of the partners that I think will suit you best. Thanks for watching.

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